Buckeye Appliance ~ Vintage Outdoor Items

714 W. Fremont Street, Stockton, CA 95203     buckeyeappliance@aol.com

Take a walk out back at Buckeye Appliance and you'll discover hundreds of outdoor vintage items, from furniture to watering cans to birdhouses!
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outdoor area
Come in and take a look at our expanded showroom, including an expanded outdoor area!
Bench from Bed
This bench is actually made from a bed headboard. Imagine the potential!
(click on the Bench for a larger view)Bench from Bed detail
Garden Bench

This is another garden bench in our outdoor area!



Looking for a unique bird house?


Garden tools, anyone?
These classic garden tools (and more) are some of the other gems you'll find in our outdoor area, out back.
flower chairs

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