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Do you ever wonder what happens to the wonderful fixtures and furnishings when an old building is demolished? At Buckeye Appliance, we keep an eye out for demolitions, and salvage interior and architectural items of these buildings. You'll find many items from extinct Stockton buildings, such as doors and door knobs, light fixtures, windows, sinks, toilets, and more, at Buckeye Appliance.


This beautiful fireplace mantel is painted white wood.
It features a beveled mirror.
This would be great to frame a fireplace,
or even used as a bed headboard! (click to see a larger view)


The iron piece looks like it may have been used
for either side of a fireplace screen or something similar.
(click to see a larger view)

stained glass rectangle

As you wander through the showroom, in addition to the various antiques, vintage stoves, and furniture,
you'll find gems like these two beautiful and unique stained glass windows. Click
on each one to see a larger view.

Stained Glass rectangle


This ladder is almost 9' tall! It has wheels on the bottom and a connector piece on the top. looks like if may have come from a library or parts house.
(click to see a larger view)

door knobs
You'll see a lot of "new" and interesting architectural items when you wander back into the newly-expanded showroom,
and out in the back at Buckeye Appliance!
ceiling lights
inside case
inside case 3
You'll find many unique items "out back" at Buckeye Appliance...

Metal Cabinet

This is wrought iron fencing (behind a light fixture) is found out back at Buckeye Appliance.

It features an ornate floral design and is ready for a fresh coat of paint!

Youngstown Kitchen Cabinets
Metal Cabinet

If you're in the market for cabinets, we just may have what you're looking for!

The Kitchen cabinets above are made from metal, and are a nice cream color.

The Youngstown cabinets on the left are white, also made of metal.

Click on the photos for a larger view.



Hardware for lights

In the market for a sink? Check out the vintage collection at Buckeye Appliance!
bannister This banister is made out of wood, and measures 13' long.

With a little paint, this would be an attractive addition to any staircase!

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